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1. A changed man and other tales0 K21.08.2008
2. A laodicean: a story of to-day0 K21.08.2008
3. A Pair of Blue Eyes0 K21.08.2008
4. Desperate Remedies0 K21.08.2008
5. Far From The Madding Crowd0 K21.08.2008
6. Group Of Noble Dames0 K21.08.2008
7. Jude the Obscure0 K21.08.2008
8. Late Lyrics And Earlier0 K21.08.2008
9. Life's Little Ironies0 K21.08.2008
10. Moments Of Vision And Miscellaneous Verses0 K21.08.2008
11. Poems Of The Past And The Present0 K21.08.2008
12. Satires Of Circumstance, lyrics and reveries with miscellaneous pieces0 K21.08.2008
13. Tess of the d'Urbervilles0 K21.08.2008
14. The Dynasts0 K21.08.2008
15. The Hand of Ethelberta0 K21.08.2008
16. The Mayor of Casterbridge0 K21.08.2008
17. The Return of the Native0 K21.08.2008
18. The Romantic Adventures Of A Milkmaid0 K21.08.2008
19. The Trumpet-Major0 K21.08.2008
20. Time's Laughingstocks And Other Verses0 K21.08.2008

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